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Brett Young

As an underdog in the Real Estate industry, Brett Young decided to create a Real Estate Business that is unlike the competition. Cold calling and door knocking in any weather just was not the answer to his success.  Brett has designed his own marketing company that generates millions of dollars in business each year, no matter the weather.


In 2015, Brett saw that he was missing opportunities with Real Estate, so decided to get his real estate license in Ohio to couple with his already active license in Arizona. Being relatively new to the area, Brett could not rely on his “sphere of influence” or simple networking to create the income he wanted, so he retrofitted his already successful marketing company to his new Ohio real estate business. 


This catapulted him to success. In 2018 Brett was awarded ICON status for EXP Realty becoming 1 of only 23 Agents in Ohio to achieve that position. Remember, Brett does not have a team. This is just him. 


In 2019, Brett gained ICON again with 118 transactions, making him the #1 Agent for transactions for EXP Realty in Ohio out of 500 agents.  


In 2020 Brett is on track again to attain the EXP ICON Agent award. What does this mean? The EXP Realty ICON award not only gives its recipients the achievement status, it pays! Award winners get $16,000 in EXP stock along with all the recognition. 


Just how did he do this? Brett knew that working smarter, not harder was the answer. Intense marketing was a huge part of it, but he also knew that holding a real estate license was a very powerful tool that many Realtors never maximize. 


Back in the early 2000 Brett started buying investment real estate for himself and helping others do the same. To date he has purchased and sold 100's of homes, making much more than just a commission on each deal generating Millions! 


Next, Brett decided to start listing homes in a new and different way. This set him apart from ALL the other agents out there. He has had up to 44 listings in a single market at one time. He got so popular in that area with yard signs, someone called him just to meet “the Guy” with all the signs. The residual income from this kind of advertising is priceless! 


Then he saw HUGE opportunities in the Cleveland Ohio real estate market.  Brett recognized a need for investment friendly rehab. So he set up a construction company that grew to be one of the largest rehab companies in Cleveland Ohio. Sherwin Williams even invited him to their Box Seats for the Brown’s as the top customer for residential paint. 


Now, there is nothing wrong with simply working as a retail Realtor for a Broker that takes a huge piece of the income pie. This program is simply not for you. However, if you want more….MUCH more. Brett wants to help make your real estate business a SMASHING success. In his program, Attention Realtors, Brett will take you step by step through his journey and share all the details that helped to make him MILLIONS. 

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