Creating 3+ Income Streams Per Property

Learn How to Find & Work with Investors

& to Build a Thriving Portfolio

Welcome to Attention Realtors® ... a coaching community conceived and launched by Brett Young.

Our mission is to empower real estate agents to achieve their financial and professional goals through investment real estate.

We believe every agent has the potential to build a successful and sustainable business, and we are dedicated to providing the education and resources necessary to make it happen.

Our non-traditional system doesn't rely on cold-calling or door-knocking. Instead, our proven solution teaches how each property can generate multiple streams of income.

Common Issues of Working with Investors

  • Building a Substantial Client Base

  • Getting Deals Closed

  • Learning the Ins & Outs of Investing

  • Limited Earning Potential

  • Frustration and Stress

  • Tired Techniques for Finding Leads

  • Lost Income Opportunities

Our proven solution is a comprehensive coaching program that will help agents overcome these challenges and soar to new levels of success in their careers.

Learn the Proven Strategies for Building a Thriving Real Estate Investment Career

Despite the high demand for real estate services, agents can struggle to attract clients, secure investments, and build a thriving business! In fact, the efforts often lead to feeling unfulfilled and stressed out about work.

The challenges can vary! Some agents find the traditional marketing methods such as cold-calling, door-knocking, and networking events, are time-consuming. Others lack the knowledge and skills necessary to work with investors, build a portfolio, and create multiple streams of income from value add services.

Whatever your challenge is, we are here to show you the formula to transform your real estate investment career.

With access to our tools and strategies, you can build a thriving and successful business in the world of investing! Discover increased job satisfaction and your full earnings potential. Don't let the lack of effective strategies be your anchor. Invest in your career and take the steps NOW towards building a thriving real estate investment practice!

Our Services

Portfolio Building: We help agents build portfolios of investment properties that are tailored to their goals and investment strategy. This includes assistance with property selection, negotiation, and closing.

Investor Relations: We provide support and guidance to agents looking to connect with investors and secure funding for their deals. This includes help with investor presentations, negotiations, and ongoing relationship management.

Residual Income Generation:
We show agents how to set up their business for residual income, including rental income from properties, commission splits with investors, and more. Our goal is to help agents build a sustainable and diversified income stream that will support their long-term success.

Learn From Other's Failure & Success!

At Attention Realtors®, you'll have the opportunity to learn from top real estate agents and successful real estate investors. Our experienced instructors will share their knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals!

You'll gain valuable insights into the world of investing, and learn tips and tricks for setting up your own business.

Whether you're starting out or ready to take your real estate career to the next level,

Attention Realtors® proven solutions provide the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Our Vision

To create a community of

successful real estate agents who are financially secure and professionally fulfilled.

We believe that every agent has the potential to build a business that provides them with residual income and the freedom to pursue their passions and interests.

"Join Attention Realtors® to learn our proven solution for generating wealth in your real estate business & building a residual income portfolio."

All this without cold calling or door-knocking!



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